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اتصل بنا من اجل حجز مقعد لتعم اللغة اليابانية االمنعقدة في المركز الثقافي الياباني الاردني للمستوى المبتدئ ودورات المحادثة من اجل العمل لدى الشركات اليابانية التي تعاقدت مع المركز الياباني.
- البرنامج يقدم من خلال مدرسين يابانيين 
- لدينا كذلك برنامج تعليم الرياضيات الذهنية وكذلك تعليم فن تشكيل الورق
- المواد العلمية معتمدة من قبل اشهر مدارس اللغة اليابانية في طوكيو
- المستوى الاول يتكون من 27 ساعة ولمدة ثلاثة اسابيع، بواقع 3 ايام في الاسبوع
- مدة المحاضرة 90 دقيقة من الساعة الخامسة مساء الى غاية الساعة الثامنة . 

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JCCJ offers 4 Japanese curriculums to meet the level and needs of our students

At JCCJ we offer 4 courses to meet the level and needs of our students. During the 'Japanese language course analysis' we select the course which is most suited to you. This assessment is especially recommended for those who are unsure which course will suit them.

We recommend you to experience our lessons before enrollment for free

We truly understand it is very hard to find a school that suits your learning style and purpose as well as it's nothing but a tragedy to enter a class that doesn't match you. To prevent this kind of things from happening, we recommend you to experience our lessons. After our academic advisor conducts a level check test and listens to your purpose and planned time period of study, we offer you an opportunity to experience the class which we think suits you. It's possible to observe multiple levels. And of course, it's free. Even after your enrollment, if you think the level dones't match you, please feel free to let us know. If you want to observe a class.

Courses Outline

General Japanese Language Course

In addition to the established 8 step detailed levels, we have created a flexible curriculum which considers the diversity of students' needs and objectives and a training program which connects 'words', 'thoughts' and 'feelings'. The content of this course is highly focused to produce strong results even within a short period of time and is suitable for people who seriously want to learn Japanese.

Practical Conversation Course

The Practical Conversation Course is a conversation-focused, short-term course designed for beginners which we have developed to suit the needs of those who 'want to start learning immediately', 'want to mainly improve conversation', 'need to learn Japanese for their daily life' or 'want to have reached a certain level of proficiency at Japanese before starting work'. Course 15 (15 Lessons per week) is intended for students who wish to learn conversation only and Course 20 (20 Lessons per week) has elective classes such as writing &reading, calligraphy, etc. in addition to the base conversation classes.

Practical Comationurse Information

1 Lesson Lessons per week Class size Time
Course 15
50 minutes 15 Max 12 9:00-11:50
Course 20
20 9:00-12:50
  • The lesson time depends on the level.
  • The elective classes are decided based on the result of the placement test on the first day.
  • The lesson time also depends on the elective classes.

Business Japanese

Business Japanese Course for those who wish to get a job , Basic Business Japanese Class where you can learn useful expressions for your part-time jobs and prepare for your future job in in Japan, and Business Japanese Training for Corporate Clients that we design special programs for. We offers these 3 programs for your various needs of Business Japanese.

Learning casually for 16 hours a semester, you can acquire business basics.

  • It's a casual class you can study for an hour a lesson and twice a week.
  • A session contains 16 lessons, but it's possible to take half of them as well.
  • You can learn Japanese society's culture that's useful in the business scenes.
  • By learning the mind as a member of society, you can acquire business fundamentals.
  • This is also an optional class for General Course. Please hurry to enroll since the remaining seats are limited.

The class starts 4 times a year.

Basic Business Japanese class contains four sessions.

Term Dates Application deadline Session
2019 Winter Jan. 29 - Mar. 21 Jan. 22, 18:00 B, D
2019 Spring Apr. 16 - Jun. 13 Apr. 10, 18:00 A, C
2019 Summer Jul. 16 - Sep. 26 Jul. 9, 18:00 B, D
2019 Autumn Oct. 22 - Dec. 12 Oct. 16, 18:00 A, C
  • The lessons are planned to be on Tuesdays and Thursdays, however, it may be changed. Please consult us for detail.
  • There will be no class during the summer vacation of General Course between Aug. 4 and Aug. 26.

Summer Courses

A short summer program held during July through August. Grammar, Beginner Levels - Lesson, and business Japanese classes are available. An optional activities such as sightseeing, culture experience, gourmet, etc are offered everyday to fully enjoy your summer in Amman/Jordan.

We offers 2 distinct summer courses: the Grammar & Conversation and the beginner level Conversation courses, All courses start in July and August. Students can take a course in July or August or both. At the end of the course, the students receive a certificate of attendance as well as a portfolio organizing what they have learned during the course.

Course Period
Grammar & Conversation July Jul. 8 to Aug. 2
Grammar & Conversation August Aug. 5 to Aug. 23
Conversation Full Jul. 8 to Aug. 23
Beginner Levels Program Jul. 7 to Jul. 21 / Jul. 7 to Jul. 28

Private Lessons (at School or dispatch)

In order to meet your needs we offer flexibility in terms of the individual's course content, learning pace, textbooks, time and location. Course curriculums are deviated from and adjusted as needed in line with class progress, the student's requests and their proficiency.

Course Description

Course content, pace of learning, texts, time and place of lessons are first discussed to arrive at a framework that the school prepares for your individual lesson program. Progress of the class is monitored strictly and the program will be amended when needed to adjust to the learner's needs.

We recommend this course to those who...

  • want to study at their own pace according to their own schedule.
  • want to strengthen and correct weak areas of their Japanese language skills.
  • want to take lessons for preparation of standardized proficiency exams.
  • want to learn by themselves or with a colleague.
  • want to learn the things which interest them and which they can apply to their own career.
  • We will make our best efforts to arrange the class according to your needs.
  • Weekends, early morning and evening classes are available. Please contact us for details.

Attendance Agreement

Please be sure to confirm the following attendance policy before applying for our school. It defines the terms and conditions required when taking our Japanese programs. Your application deems you have read and agreed to these conditions.